Mid-Week Worship for the entire family!

As a church, we are dedicated to serving our community. One way in which we can do this is by providing a mid-week Wednesday Service.

You may be asking why do we call our mid-week service the "Outdoorsman Church"? It is because so many men, women, boys & girls who live in the Valley have outdoor interests. These interests range from hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing, exploring, etc. We also understand that the hard working people in our community plan these adventures on the weekend. That's why a mid-week service is perfect for those who can't attend on Sunday morning. 

What time is the service? Our service begins at 6:30 P.M. and concludes around 7:15

A Community Dinner? Yes we provide dinner prior to the service (6-6:30 PM).  No strings attached...It's absolutely free! You can come straight from work or activity without the worry of going home first to prepare a meal. We'll do it for you!

What about the children? We have faithful workers to minister to your kids (nursery - 5th grade). The program that we use is from Group Publishing, called Kid's Own Worship.

we meet in...